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Seeking A Lawyer FAQs

Thankfully, the majority of the population does not suffer serious personal injuries very often, so for most people, contact with lawyers and the legal system is infrequent.  If a serious personal injury does occur, however, you’ll likely have many questions about the legal system and the compensation to which you are entitled.  The Bronx personal injury attorneys at the Law Office of William A. Gallina, PLLC provide the following answers to questions frequently asked by new clients who are unsure what to expect from the legal process.  If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury, you are already under enough stress; we do not want to make the process of finding a lawyer or seeking recovery to be an additional burden.  We hope that the following Frequently Asked Questions will be helpful to you.  If you have other questions, simply give us a call.  When you are ready to hire a lawyer to help you with your personal injury case, contact the Law Office of William A. Gallina, PLLC for a free initial consultation.

Q. What do I need to do when seeing a personal injury attorney?

A. At the Law Office of William A. Gallina, PLLC, we offer a free initial consultation, during which time we will evaluate your case for you, and you can decide whether to retain us to represent you.  We ask you to bring any documentation regarding the accident and your medical situation.  During your consultation, please feel free to ask questions.  You may want to prepare questions in advance.  Whether you are visiting with us or another personal injury attorney, research what types of cases the law firm has handled and their outcomes.  Although every case is unique, you want a lawyer who has experience winning cases like your own.

Q. What should I expect from my attorney?

A. Your role in the representation is to focus on your recovery and to follow your doctor’s and lawyer’s advice.  Be honest and forthright with your lawyer from the very start; it can only hurt your case if you withhold information.  Expect your attorney to be honest with you as well and to provide you with realistic expectations about your case.  Expect your attorney to listen attentively to your concerns, begin work on your case immediately, and cater to your needs.  Expect your attorney to stay in contact and foster open communication with you throughout your representation.  These are the types of attorneys you will find at the Law Office of William A. Gallina, PLLC in the Bronx.

Q. How much is my case worth?

A. Every case is different and highly dependent upon a number of unique factors, such as the nature and extent of your injuries, how the accident happened, who was involved, and the relative fault of each party.  Visit our Verdicts & Settlements page for some representative results that we have achieved for our clients, but remember that the facts of those cases were unique and recovery in your case may be different.

In general, you are entitled to recover for your past and future pain and suffering, past and future medical expenses, and loss of income.  Loss of income includes work you missed while you recovered from the accident, as well as future anticipated work loss if your injury prevents you from returning to the work force.  You may recover for "noneconomic" damages you have endured, such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life.  Some of these damages are easy to identify and quantify, while others are less concrete.  Rest assured that our personal injury attorneys have the experience and ability to evaluate each case and persuade the insurance company or jury of the true value of your case.

Q. How long before my case is resolved?

A. Many people find it difficult to understand that it may take an extended period of time before a case is successfully resolved.  Although most cases settle without the need for trial, a long period of case preparation is often necessary to reach that point.  It may be prudent to enter into settlement negotiations only after you have reached a point where your doctor declares you have reached maximum medical improvement.  We understand that the expenses you have incurred as a result of your injuries are extensive, and the anxiety that comes with financial worries can be overwhelming, but we will not rush a case to a quick settlement that is not in your best interest.  We will make sure you receive the care you need while we work on your case.  With over 30 years practicing personal injury law in the Bronx, our attorneys have the experience to help you and your family while your case is pending.

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