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Municipal Liability

Close attention must be paid to injuries occurring on public property.  An experienced lawyer knows that the first critical step is to identify and proceed against the correct public entity.  Only a thorough investigation can confirm the correct identity of the governmental entity responsible for the hazard.  Thereafter, litigating your claim against a municipal or governmental agency can be arduous and time consuming, requiring patience and unyielding perseverance.  You may have heard the saying, “you can’t fight City Hall.” That is simply not true.  When injured due to the fault of a municipality or governmental agency, you need an attorney who relishes taking the fight to them.  We at Gallina Law are well equipped to take on that fight, vested with years of experience in handling disputes with the City, Transit, and Housing authorities. We understand the process and can help you timely file the appropriate claim to secure compensation.  If you’ve been injured due to the fault of a municipal entity or public authority, our attorneys can help.  We will fight to secure you the monetary compensation you deserve.

Who can file a municipal liability claim?

If you suffered an injury due to the negligence of a public entity, you may be eligible for compensation. When filing a claim with a governmental agency, there is a strict limitations period, as little as 90 days in some cases, which requires the claimant to notify the entity of the incident.  Additionally, you must inform the government of the nature of your claim, as well as injuries and damages.  Contact the Law Office of William A. Gallina to have an experienced municipal lawyer by your side should you need to fight City Hall.

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City of New York

New York City is the largest city in our country and one of the largest cities in the world.  The city government is responsible for numerous entities, including the police force, other city workers, city roads, sidewalks, government buildings, and more.  Although they try to create a safe environment for the people of New York City, injuries from neglect occur nonetheless.  When an injury or incident occurs, it can be difficult to pinpoint the responsible party. And, because the City of New York is so large, it can also be difficult to navigate the vast procedural requirements involved in disputing your claim.  At the Law Office of William A. Gallina, our municipal lawyers have the tools and “know how” necessary to identify the responsible party and immediately move towards resolution.  Common transgressions filed against the city include:

  • Certain Sidewalk Accidents
  • Police Brutality
  • Auto Accidents with City Workers and Police
  • Injuries Caused by Hazardous Conditions
  • Malpractice Against City Hospitals
  • Bus and Subway Accidents
When filing a dispute with such a large entity, it’s important to have knowledgeable attorneys by your side. We understand the trials and tribulations of a governmental claim.  We also have vast experience with state laws, notice of claim statutes, and procedural requirements.  When the city hears Gallina Law is involved, they know you mean business.  If you were injured on public property due to the City’s negligence, or otherwise injured due to the negligence of a public entity, you may be eligible for compensation. 
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New York City Transit Authority

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is the largest transportation system in the United States, carrying over 11 million passengers daily and operating 80,000 vehicles.  Most New Yorkers put their safety in the hands of the public transportation system on a regular basis.  Unfortunately, sometimes negligence results in bus or subway incidents that cause serious injury. The cause of a bus accident can be due to operator error, either from speeding, inattention, or fatigue.  In other instances, faulty equipment might be to blame.  If you have been injured in a bus or train incident due to the negligence of the Transit Authority, you may be eligible to secure compensation.  Our lawyers will investigate the condition of the vehicle, the background of the driver, and your injuries to help build a winning case.

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MABSTOA, or the Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority, is a subsidiary of the New York City Transit Authority. Certain buses may be owned by the New York City Transit Authority but operated by its subsidiary, MABSTOA. For claims arising out of incidents occurring due to the negligence of certain City buses, the claim must be filed against MABSTOA, in addition to the New York City Transit Authority. Identifying the correct parties to file against can be confusing, especially during a time in which you may be recovering from an injury or grieving the injury of a loved one. Let the experienced municipal lawyers at Gallina Law sort through this process. Let us fight for the compensation you deserve.

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New York City Housing Authority

Your home is a retreat, a place where you raise a family, create lasting memories, and cherish your safety and security.  When housing with the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), you’re one of over a hundred-thousand families doing so, and, not surprisingly, your safety and security may be overlooked.  Battling with NYCHA can be a long struggle, sometimes lasting years.  Most tenants try to fight NYCHA on their own, to no-avail.  Even after presenting your case in court under your own representation and receiving a favorable ruling to fix the problem, NYCHA may still not comply.  Common disputes with NYCHA include:

  • Mold Remediation
  • Faulty Appliances
  • Needed Repairs
  • Improper Maintenance

As a tenant, you have the right to live in a safe, efficient, fully-functioning home. The Gallina Law lawyers are well versed in waging lawsuits against NYCHA.  If you have been injured due to NYCHA’s negligence, contact one of our lawyers right away, as the time to notify NYCHA of the claim can be as little as within 90 days from the incident.     

Municipal Liability Verdicts & Settlements*

Below are some representative verdicts and settlements obtained by the municipal lawyers at the Law Office of William A. Gallina, PLLC on behalf of clients in the Bronx and throughout New York City who filed municipal liability suits:

  • A jury verdict awarded $376,590 to a young girl from the City of New York’s Administration for Children’s Services after an untreated ear infection, which occurred when she was an 8-year-old ward of the system, led to permanent hearing damage.
  • A passenger was awarded $245,000 from the NYC Transit Authority after falling and spraining his ankle while getting on a bus - Bronx, NY.
  • A passenger was awarded $241,000 from the NYC Transit Authority after a short stop on the bus caused a standing passenger to hurt her knee - Bronx, NY.
  • The family of bullied child in school was awarded $150,000 - New York, NY.

*Past results do not guarantee future outcomes.

Our trained and experienced municipal lawyers can evaluate your claim and help you build a winning case against the appropriate governmental agency.  If you suffered injuries as a result of governmental negligence in the Bronx or anywhere in New York City, contact the Law Office of William A. Gallina at 718-892-0400 or request a free consultation.

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